Jason Krugman Studio
photo by Sarah Pirozek

The Living Objects are a series of dream-inspired sculptures integrated into our everyday environs. They take advantage of our innate cognitive and emotional reaction to the human form, weighing on their surroundings with their scale and energy. Hundreds of interior lights diffused by their semi-translucent skin imbue them with an emotional warmth and sentience. Each work evokes the human while remaining vague in its gender, purpose and origin, allowing it to remain a canvas for the public imagination.

Living Objects sculptures have been shown in public parks and also featured on national television. Smaller ones, like "Freddy", sometimes appear in trees and various urban locations at night. This project has been commissioned by The New York City Parks Department, Crossing Art Gallery, Summit NJ Public Arts, the Summit Grand Hotel, Gossip Girl the television show, Moogfest and Electric Zoo music festivals, Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Dekalb Market.

photo by Noah Kalina
photo by Sarah Pirozek
photo by Sarah Pirozek

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