Firefly LED Mesh

LED Mesh that responds to its environment, mirroring back the naturally chaotic and beautiful inputs it receives

I want to create several hand-made LED grids that respond to their environments in beautiful and unexpected ways. I hope to use large networks of analog circuits to create complex visualization by using multiple nodes of input and output.

The first structure I plan to build is a grid of LEDs, each with its own wind-triggered switch. The switches will be made by hanging a wire from one leg of each LED. The LEDs will be arranged in 4x4' grid. As the wind gusts over the surface of the sculpture, it will blow the hanging wires slightly sideways, causing them to come into contact with a piece of metal that completes a circuit and causes the LEDs to turn on at slightly different times.

The second structure will be a network of LEDs that will act as a crude video camera that also displays an image on its lense. Each LED in the grid will be paired with a photoresistor. The photoresistor will sense the amount of light in front of it and change the brightness its corresponding LED. Most of the work involved in making this piece will go towards callibrating the amount of resistance and current flowing through the network.

Next I would like to modify one or both of these structures so that each LED is addressable. This will allow the grid to double as a screen on which animations can be played from software running on a computer or a microcontroller.


For progress on the project, please see my blog section.